Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meridian Spotlight: Large Intestine

Element: Metal (Yang)

Physical Organ Governed: large intestines and/or bowel

Time of Day: 5am - 7am

In Shiatsu, Large Intestine is the organ to remove stagnation. A disharmony in this organ manifests as
diarrhea or constipation. Food and drink the body does not need have trouble leaving or are in a rush to leave in these situations.

Emotionally, Large Intestine allows a person to let go of feelings, thoughts or objects that no longer serve a purpose and might even be harmful. Hoarders, who don't feel secure in their surroundings without keeping  memorabilia from the past, most likely have a Large Intestine issue.

Just like food must move, from one area of the body where it's useful to the large intestine where it is finally seen as no longer useful, eliminating negativity should be done similarly. How are you with letting go of what you no longer need?

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